Agronomy & Agrochemicals


With 3 BASIS qualified agronomists, EOSF provides professional agronomy advice to many members. Our recommendations are geared to maximise profit, and our advisors have a track record of improving grain yields and quality for their customers.


We supply a wide range of chemicals from our store or, depending on the size of the order, delivered to farm.

Our technical knowledge and ability to supply competitive products is supported by our partnership with Agrovista, a leading ag-chem distributor.

As well as crop chemicals, we supply chemicals for grain stores and seed dressing.

(Chemical Store open 7.30-12.00am 1.00-5.00pm Monday to Friday)

Further information

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Conditions of Contract

All products and services provided are covered by our Conditions of Contract.

Spraying Equipment

We stock a wide range of sprayer parts:

Solo sprayers
  • Main stockists for SOLO knapsack sprayers
  • SOLO 456 5ltr pressurised (garden use) in stock
  • SOLO 425 15lt backpack (semi professional) in stock
  • SOLO 473 12lt backpack (semi professional) in stock
  • Large stock of most common used spares held
  • AR 3 piston diaphragm pumps
  • AR spares stored for above
  • Honda 5hp engines fitted with water units suitable for liquid fertiliser
  • Hypro (formerly Lurmark) jets / jet bodies
  • Various colour-coded jets in stock (if not in stock can be sourced quickly)
  • Access to most commonly used spares (pre order)


For control of rabbits, moles & rats. Customers will have to show proof of their latest certificate required to apply Phostoxin before purchase.



We are main stockists for Flogas

  • 7kg Butane gas
  • 13kg Butane gas
  • 6kg Propane gas
  • 11kg Propane gas
  • 18kg Propane gas (for forklifts)