We are proud to be farmer owned.

EOSF is a membership organisation. We are owned by over 300 members, mainly farmers in the immediate surrounding area. Our board is elected from the membership, and the management of the company is responsible to them.

Membership of East of Scotland Farmers Ltd

Anyone can apply for membership of EOSF. The only obligation is to purchase £100 of shares, on which interest is paid annually. Membership entitles you to attend the Annual General Meeting, and stand for election to the Board of Directors.

You don’t need to be a member to purchase farm supplies or goods from the Country Store.

Combine Harvester

Membership of East of Scotland Farmers
(Drying and Storage) Ltd

Members who wish to commit grain to us must also join East of Scotland Farmers (Drying and Storage) Ltd. This has a minimum shareholding of £50.

The benefits of membership are considerable. EOSF provides an unrivalled service for grain intake, and provides market security and competitive returns.

If you are interested in becoming a member of East of Scotland Farmers Ltd or East of Scotland Farmers (Drying & Storage) Ltd, please get in touch with us. We will be pleased to meet with you and provide further information.